Introducing Integration for Wise Dash

If you love playing chess and are seeking a solution to streamline your online gaming without hampering productivity, then look no further! Wise Dash, your favourite cross-browser new tab extension, is now integrated with

Control the Game Right from the Dashboard

With this feature, you can now view your ongoing games directly from your new tab. You no longer have to waste precious seconds navigating between multiple tabs. Your games are at your fingertips - just open a new tab, and there they are!

Making Moves on the Chessboard

Each game displayed on your dashboard not only gives you a snapshot of the current status but also comes with a clickable link that allows you to make a move directly. Click on a game, and it will take you straight to the game page on Make your move and then quickly return to your other tasks - effortless and fast.

Stay Ahead of the Game

This integration ensures you are always aware of the games that need your attention. No more missed deadlines or time-outs, which can be so frustrating if you're in a winning position. In a single glance, you can view games on the new tab. It's efficiency at its best.

Integrating Fun and Productivity

Wise Dash prides itself in enhancing efficiency and organization, and that philosophy extends to this fun feature. Make your next wise move - literally and figuratively. With the new integration, you can integrate entertainment with productivity seamlessly. Playing chess stimulates your strategic thinking, so why not give your brain a workout while you're hard at work?

So get ready to elevate your chess game whilst improving your workflow with Wise Dash's integration. Expand your boundaries, prepare for your next move, and streamline your online activities - all from one convenient interface. Happy gaming and productive working!